AI vs. Authenticity: Navigating the Evolving Job Market

In a world where job seekers often sound like robots on paper and in person, you can set yourself apart.









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Are you tired of the radio silence? 

Your job search is hitting roadblocks, and the frustration is real. You're not alone—many face the same challenges. I'm here to guide you toward a game-changing solution. 

Discover the three transformational secrets to moving past the silence, securing interviews, and winning over employers.


This class will revolutionize your search and get you the results you deserve.



4pm PST  // 6pm CT //  7pm EST

Join me for a captivating 60-minute live masterclass where we decode the transformed job search landscape.  

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Why Should You Attend?

Don't waste another minute of your precious time using your current approach.

Understand how the job search process has evolved with the rise of AI and automation, and discover strategies to stand out in this changing landscape.


Discover actionable insights to address the common job search challenges of not hearing back on applications, struggling to secure interviews or progressing beyond the initial stages.

Learn how authenticity can set you apart in the job market, fostering genuine connections and improving your chances of landing a job that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to make your job search more efficient, authentic, and effective, ultimately helping you secure the job you deserve.


Your Expert Host:

Kelly Barnard,

Career + Life Coach

Hi there, I'm Kelly. My mission is to reduce the suck of a job search. 

I help professionals reconnect to their intuition, rebuild their confidence and support them in getting the roles they really want.

There’s no compromising or settling needed. Everything you want is within reach and quicker than you think.

In this class, I'll show you how to present yourself authentically and connect profoundly on paper and in interviews.

I look forward to seeing you in class. xx

Testimonials from Job Seekers Like You


"She helped me be braver and know myself better. She explains how to apply for jobs and the process step-by-step. Her advice stopped me from wasting my time and led me to the right path to finding my favorite job. Finding a job I love has always been an enormous challenge, but Kelly made it easy and enjoyable for me, which I appreciate."




"I went into my 3-round interview process so prepared and ready. I nailed it and received an offer that I so proudly took. This is a company I have sought to work for now for a couple of years. I applied once in the past and never even got an interview. I received an email back from HR literally 3 minutes after I applied this time! No joke! 3 minutes! It is a perfect fit, and I am beyond proud to make it known who I work for! Thank you!!”


"I was lost and completely out of my element when I started my career transition. Kelly put words to my feelings and worries, which set me on a new path with my career shift. I was given the tools to navigate the weird job search world and the confidence to ask for what I wanted with a new job! I recently accepted a position making $13k more because of Kelly’s tools and support."



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Elevate your job search by unleashing the power of authenticity.

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4pm PST  //  6pm CT  //  7pm EST

A 60-minute live class that will shift your energy, generate results, and ensure the grass is truly greener on the other side. 

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